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In the category NEW ADDED you will find photo book titles which have just been published or announced and which are interesting enough for Café Lehmitz Photobooks to be included in the program. Announced titles can be pre-ordered.

The volume 'Seventy-Two and One Half Miles Across Los Angeles' documents Mark RUWEDEL's across Los Angeles. His route was designed to cross as many geographic, economic, political and cultural borders as possible. Ed RUSCHA's books served as inspiration.
40,00 € *
'The Fabric of Reality' by Beat STREULI shows the way through his oeuvre. The result is a visually rhythmic image that is characterized by conceptual sobriety in observation. Essays on urbanism and sociology place his work in a discursive context.
35,00 € *
In DISCOURSE book series, cultural theorists, curators or artists examine a topic, a work of art or an idea in an illustrated text. This episode includes titles by Sally Stein, Duncan Forbes, Alec Soth & Jörg Colberg about Dorothea LANGE, Lewis BALTZ...
39,80 € *
Photo book 'Aufbruch ohne Ziel' (Departure without a goal) is exclusively devoted to the photographic work of Annemarie SCHWARZENBACH. Essays locate their images in the history of photography and analyze the relationship between photography and literature
25,00 € *
'Photographs. 1980s to now ', contains for the first time a selection of the work of the South African photographer Jo RACTLIFFE. Looking over the past 35 years, it contains images from important photo essays as well as works that have never been shown.
95,00 € *
The catalog volume 'House of Cards' accompanies the large Thomas DEMAND exhibition. It begins with his current series 'Modellstudien', but also includes the projects 'Black Label', 'Embassy' & 'Nagelhaus'. Additionally, it contains many informative essays
45,00 € *
Since the early 1980s, Jamel SHABAZZ has been documenting the passengers of the popular New York transit system in the spirit of street photography. The images in 'City Metro' capture their fashions & moods, are timeless and captivate with their energy.
39,80 € *
‘Siberian Exiles. Lithuania’ by Claudia HEINERMANN, is a journey through history and a story about oppression, abuse of power and crimes against humanity. It is also a story about a people who refused to be broken and to give up their identity and culture
85,00 € *
'It is as it is' shows numerous letters, photos & documents, as well as pictures from the time when Gerhard RICHTER's early work in Dresden ended with his flight from the GDR in 1961 and his official work in the West was not to begin until the end of 1962
29,80 € *
In his self-published photo book 'White Crow', Hans BOL considers crows and ravens as messengers of the gods, symbols of transformation and harbingers of eternity. Interspersed with pictures of his father, this volume concludes the trilogy 'God's Allies'.
33,00 € *