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Photo volume 'Retinal Shift' by Magnum photographerMikhael SUBOTZKY examines the practice and mechanics of vision - in relation to the history of Grahamstown, the history of photographic devices and his own artist history. A self-portrait opens the title.
25,00 € *
'Chroma' contains a photo series that originated in the early 1980s when John DIVOLA was looking for more stable material, such as the artificial, industrial cibachrome - very flawed for conventional images, but with properties that produced these images.
from 29,50 €
'Albert Renger-Patzsch. Industrial Photographs for SCHOTT' contains previously unpublished photographs, reproduced in high quality & original size, supplemented with contributions on the history of their origins and their importance in terms of technology
29,95 € *
In 'Köln in Wirtschaftswunderzeiten' (economic miracles), Heinz HELD portrays the city of Cologne its residents from the 'rubble times' to the mid-1970s. The era of acceleration & expansion is reflected in its views of buildings, everyday life & portraits
29,80 € *
Photo and text volume 'Magnum Manifesto' is a richly illustrated story of an idea that has long since become a myth. The volume contains not only - but also - the famous pictures from the Magnum archive, an 'inexhaustible reservoir of memories'.
19,80 € * Weight 2.8 kg
This book shows Marie GOSLICH photographs as a mirror of their time, documenting the social ills & the destruction of infrastructure in Berlin. With her camera she traces as well hardship, narrowness as decay and drew an unadulterated picture of the city.
29,95 € *