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In the category NEW ADDED you will find photo book titles which have just been published or announced and which are interesting enough for Café Lehmitz Photobooks to be included in the program. Announced titles can be pre-ordered.

The photo book 'Güle Güle' by CAIMI & PICCINNI portrays the constantly changing metropolis of Istanbul and its inhabitants. The color photos were created from the experience with the Turkish mentality as well as visually striking, unexpected situations.
38,00 € *
The photographs in 'Voll das Leben' are images of the monotony and slowness of life in the GDR, evidence of an isolated and enclosed world shortly before its end. Harald HAUSWALD shows haunting and unique snapshots and evidence of everyday socialist life.
45,00 € *
This monograph on Magnum agency co-founder Henri CARTIER-BRESSON is about the decisive moment, humility and humanity in his work. The images reproduced in black and white range from the earliest works to landscape photographs from the 1970s.
74,00 € *
The photo book 'The Seven Cities' by American photographer Matt EICH is the third volume in the series that casts an unshakable look at the people and places that America seems to have forgotten. After Ohio and Mississippi, it focuses on Virginia here.
54,00 € *
Re-issue which convinces with high quality repoductions. Since it was first published in 1965, Helen LEVITT's 'A Way of Seeing', with pictures taken on the streets of New York in the 1940s, has been revered as a street photography classic.
39,95 € *
New publication of the 1982 black and white photos by Roger MELIS, first published in 1986 as a photo book. 'Paris zu Fuss' (Paris on Foot) was the first book by an East German photographer who told life in a strange city through photography alone.
30,00 € *
'Todesmarsch 1945. Leipzig – Fojtovice' is a harrowing combination of contemporary documents, survivor reports and artistic photographs as black & white double exposures by Herbert NAUMANN as an impressive reminder of the terrible suffering that spring.
25,00 € *
Mikael OLSSON undertakes a photographic interpretation of the temporary pavilion by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron and Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. He examines the traces of their creative processes and creates images that raise questions of the mind.
45,00 € *
„The photo book ‚William Eggleston 414‘ is Harmony Korine & Juergen TELLER’s visual memoir of a road trip they took ten years ago with William EGGLESTON and his son, Winston, from Memphis to Mississippi.
38,00 € *
In this photo book SAGUY documents the ten-month stay of a family who immigrated from Brazil to the USA and their alternative lifestyle in Los Angeles. The book remembers on Sally MANN's 'Immediate Family', b/w photographs are accompanied by interviews.
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