In 'Nemurushima. The Sleeping Island', Kentaro KUMON documents Teshima, an island of the Shiwaku archipelago. Once playing an important role in maritime trade, Teshima has only about a dozen inhabitants to date. Listen to the silent sleep of this island.
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 28 x 24 cm., 112 pp., 72 color ills., English
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German catalog edition, published in the occasion of the Helen Levitt retrospective in Vienna.
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Elina BROTHRUS found points of departure for the book 'Seabound' in the collection of Sørlandets Kunstmuseum. Some works are based on 19th century Romantic paintings, others on performative scores, for example by Yoko Ono, Valle Export or John Baldessari.
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The photo book 'Cuba. Finding Home' by Manuel RIVERA-ORTIZ contains over one hundred black and white photographs from different parts of Cuba, both about life in Havana and in the rural part. The subtitle describes his search & intention for this series.
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This out-of-print German-language monograph, 'Chewing Gum and Chocolate', about the work of the Japanese post-war photographer Shomei TOMATSU provides a good overview of the work of one of the most important Japanese photographers of the 20th century.
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SIGNED! 'Reden wir über Fotografie" (Let's talk about photography) is a collection of essays and interviews by photo historian Hans-Michael Koetzle. He accompanies us on amazing paths through the history & present of photography, an alway in flux medium.
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SIGNED COPY! 'What Still Remains' contains fifty color photographs created since 2006 in various locations. Jessica BACKHAUS examines why things that have been forgotten or left behind pop up in specific places and then seem to take on a life of their own
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In discreet and yet intimate photographs, Sibylle FENDT tells in 'Gärtners Reise' a love story of growing apart, finding each other again, and then disappearing. The images are not documents of the trip but symbols for a journey into unknown territory.
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