Signed photobooks

Background information

Signed photo books are highly desirable for the photo book library of collectors, e.g. because they

  1. the mass-produced object 'photo book' stand out from the crowd and are only
  2. are only available in limited numbers
  3. bring a personal touch to the collection.

In addition, the collector can show that he is up to date. Since photo books by still unknown photographers are often produced with caution only in small editions and the publisher/photographer wants to ensure a high distribution by the signature, these volumes often become later sought-after collector's items.

Recent examples of now sought-after photo volumes by formerly lesser known photographers

'The Rage of Devotion' by Liza AMBROSSIO - 'Altered Ocean' by Mandy BARKER - 'Oasis Hotel' by Nicolo DEGIORGIS - 'The Island of the Color Blind' by Sanne DE WILDE - 'Two Rivers' by Carolyn DRAKE - 'Reading Raymond Carver' & 'Real Life Dramas' by Mary FREY - 'A' and 'ZZYZY' by Gregory HALPERN - 'Standing by the Wall. Berlin 1990' by Josef Wolfgang MAYER - 'Cette Montagne. C'est moi' by Witho WORMS ... to name just a few titles ...

The focus of the images by DEPARDON & BURNETT, making up 'Septembre au Chili, 1971/1973' is the reproduction of the iconic photo by Leopoldo Vargas that shows the last image of president Salvador Allende leaving his palace La Moneda with a gun in his hand
55,00 € * Weight 1 kg
68,00 € * Weight 1.1 kg
Out-of-print photographic volume 'Remaining Light' by Jordan SULLIVAN combines photographs taken on Skid Row and in an office building in downtown Los Angeles with text excerpted from Eugene Ionesco's novel 'The Hermit'. Laser-printed on uncoated paper.
98,00 € * Weight 0.4 kg
This self-published photo volume 'I can't get through the chaos' by Polish photographer Michal ADAMSKI tells the story of the year he said goodbye to his parents forever. The images, mostly in black & white, show real, tangible death, not his imagination.
18,00 € * Weight 0.2 kg
'Outside Room 8' by Lotte BRONSGEEST presents a documentary of the life of Geert Broertjes after his cancer diagnosis. It visualizes the patient experience with common cancer treatments by subjecting film reels and negatives to the same healing procedures
48,00 € * Weight 0.6 kg
The volume 'lick of tongue, rub of finger, on soft wound' by Keisha SCARVILLE unfolds as an hypnotic visual essay impressively weaving together b/w & archival images, book passages, collages, personal texts, and film stills. With a text by Harmony Holiday
from 50,00 € Weight 0.9 kg
98,00 € * Weight 0.3 kg
SIGNED! 'The Truth is in the Soil' by Ioanna SAKELLARAKI is about coming to terms with the grief of her late father, which has evolved into an exploration of collective mourning - inspired by the female mourning communities on the Greek peninsula of Mani.
65,00 € * Weight 0.8 kg
The photographic volume 'Inhabitants' by prominent U.S. photographer Raymond MEEKS is the result of an artist residency, which will be exhibited in New York and Paris. The series is combined by a detailed poem by George Weld.
from 55,00 €