Signed photobooks

Background information

Signed photo books are highly desirable for the photo book library of collectors, e.g. because they

  1. the mass-produced object 'photo book' stand out from the crowd and are only
  2. are only available in limited numbers
  3. bring a personal touch to the collection.

In addition, the collector can show that he is up to date. Since photo books by still unknown photographers are often produced with caution only in small editions and the publisher/photographer wants to ensure a high distribution by the signature, these volumes often become later sought-after collector's items.

Recent examples of now sought-after photo volumes by formerly lesser known photographers

'The Rage of Devotion' by Liza AMBROSSIO - 'Altered Ocean' by Mandy BARKER - 'Oasis Hotel' by Nicolo DEGIORGIS - 'The Island of the Color Blind' by Sanne DE WILDE - 'Two Rivers' by Carolyn DRAKE - 'Reading Raymond Carver' & 'Real Life Dramas' by Mary FREY - 'A' and 'ZZYZY' by Gregory HALPERN - 'Standing by the Wall. Berlin 1990' by Josef Wolfgang MAYER - 'Cette Montagne. C'est moi' by Witho WORMS ... to name just a few titles ...

For his photo volume '101 Movies. A Survey of American Drive-in Theatres 1976', Herman VAN DEN BOOM documented the remains of Drive-In movie theatres in the US-states of Nevada, Texas, California, Oklahoma, Colorado and Arizona in black and white photos.
from 22,00 €
'Our Ancestral Home' by Rob HORNSTRA deals about a region, where traditions are maintained and house and farm are passed down through generations. But wealthy tourists and city dwellers are willing to pay exorbitant sums for a retreat in the countryside.
9,50 € * Weight 0.3 kg
In his book 'Revier', a photographic essay about home and loss, Matthias JUNG mixed portraits and photographs of objects that, like people, have had to move to new homes and, like archaeological finds, tell of a life that is in danger of being forgotten.
42,00 €
The book 'Dinge' by Johannes GRAMM forms the conclusion of a long-term project. Even more than the materials & shapes of the real objects in the book and their photos, the objects themselves evoke universal, familiar memories, very directly while reading.
30,00 € Weight 0.7 kg
'Gathered Leaves Annotated' by Alec SOTH brings together five books on over 700 pages of newsprint, updated the original by adding double-page spreads with detailed annotations as notes & text, as well as additional photos. A new compass through his work.
from 55,00 €
In their volume 'Peripheren' Katja STUKE & Oliver SIEBER relate the city of Paris to the Ruhr area. In their colorful photographs, which were taken along the Périphérique in Paris, they refer in a 'New Topographics' manner to urban places in the Ruhr area
45,00 €
The photographs in the self published volume 'Reserved Mr. Memory' by Patrick MURPHY were taken over a 50 year period in and they are from the southern states of the United States of America. Image subjects include portraits, landscapes and religion.
from 44,00 € Weight 1.1 kg
Inspired by Valerie Solanas' tract SCUM, Justine KURLAND presents her own feminist initiative: the 'Society for Cutting Up Men's Books'. Her volume 'SCUMB Manifesto' contains collages created by cutting up and reconfiguring photo books by male artists.
from 78,00 € Weight 1.5 kg
This photo limited-edition photo volume, 'Goze' by Japanese photographer Shoko HASHIMOTO offers an unprecedented look at a masterful series set in the 1970s that features a group of blind entertainers who told stories in exchange for food and shelter.
59,50 €
'Cirren' by Angela SCHWANK contains photos showing the diversity of cirrus clouds and other high-altitude cloud forms and man-made changes in their appearance caused by air traffic. The negatives were taken over Vienna & surroundings and the Netherlands.
64,00 € Weight 0.6 kg