The out-of-print volume, 'Später Sommer. Letzter Herbst', follows in sequence & format the handmade leporello 'Später Sommer/Letzter Herbst' by Ulrich WÜST, transforming it into a book and brings together series as well as some individual images from 1989
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Colorful studies of form & light in the book 'Plein Soleil' by Jessica BACKHAUS are the logical continuation of her 'Cut Outs', in exploring the photographic possibilities of abstraction and crossing the boundary between documentary & poetic photography.
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The photo volume 'Gspell' by South Tyrolean photographer Roland REINSTADLER not only gives an insight into the once meager and extremely deprived life in the mountains, but also contains very successful color photographs from an aesthetic point of view.
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 22 x 28 cm., 72 pp., 42 color ills., text language: English
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SIGNED COPY! Out-of-print 'One Day in November' by Jessica BACKHAUS is a tribute to Gisèle FREUND on what would have been her one 100th birthday in Dec. 2008, a testament to the friendship between a great photographer and a student in Paris during the 90s
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'Dark Atlas' by Perttu SAKSA, combines documentary images with still lifes and abstract photographs that locate the subject of energy as a structural element of our society. Oil and fuel become as tangible as the problems caused by dependence on them.
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At first unconsciously, then more and more purposefully, the photographer sets out to find her own origin. Jessica BACKHAUS' color photographs have metaphorical potential and work against the grain of classic social documentary photography.
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The photos in 'InselWesen' by Mila TESHAIEVA are reminiscent of old paintings. They depict Föhr island as a dream world and emphasize the fragility of its real existence. Föhr's inhabitants feel connected to traditions & nature in an almost sacred way.
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The monograph 'Minkkinen' accompanying international exhibitions on the photo work of Arno Rafael MINKKINEN contains unusual b/w photographs that are reminiscent of his fellow students, Harry CALLAHAN and Aaron SISKIND, from Rhode Island School of Design.
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English catalog (2nd) for the Helen LEVITT retrospective exhibitions in London & in New York, containing around 130 of the most famous works, some of which are shown for the first time. She's one of the earliest representatives of 'New Color Photography'
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