HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 17 x 24 cm., 488 pp., 273 color & 34 b/w ills., bilingual text: English / French
39,00 € *
The out-of-print catalog illuminates more than 60 years of French photographer Willy RONIS' long career and covers all thematic aspects of his work. Shown is a sharp & sensitive observer of everyday French life, a great humanist & chronicler of a century.
58,00 €
'Take Me to Live with You' by Sonia LENZI is a declaration of love to Italy and its people. She visited elderly people who have transmitted cultural, political as well as moral values in their lives, in order to preserve these for future generations.
38,00 € * Weight 1 kg
The autobiographical documentation 'Fucking Carpe Diem' by Finnish photographer Elina BROTHERUS deals with the highly taboo topic of unwanted childlessness. Intelligently designed, the volume takes the viewer on an emotional journey into the human soul.
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 28 x 28 x 2 cm., 144 pp., 71 color ills., bilingual text: French / English
44,00 € *
HC, 24 x 17,5 x 2 cm., 120 pp., 87 duotone b/w ills., text language: English
35,00 € * Weight 1.2 kg
'Hello Camel' by Christoph BANGERT documents the bitter absurdity of war in Afghanistan, Gaza, Darfur, Lebanon and Iraq. He contrasts the clichéd notion of modern war as a fast-paced, dramatic and heroic event with calm and tidy, strange and alien images.
from 45,00 € Weight 1 kg
HC with dust jacket, 25,5 x 25,5 x 1,5 cm., 96 pp., 61 duplex b/w ills., bilingual: English and French
30,00 € *
The catalog 'Saul Leiter. Die Große Retrospective' sheds new light on one of photography's most enigmatic figures. It shows New York street scenes, fashion & nude photographs and makes archive material, contact prints & notebooks accessible to the public.
68,00 € * Weight 1.2 kg
The out-of-print photo volume 'AMA' by Nina POPPE combines all the features of a good photo book: an interesting topic, the noticeably respectful restraint of the report and a successful implementation that deals with a previous title from the 1960s.
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