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In the category PRE-ORDER NOW! are titles to find that c a n be recorded at Café Lehmitz Photobooks WebStore. Since these are mostly titles, for which I have e.g. for overseas delivery in advance, admission + price may depend on the number of preorders.

This photo volume, 'Streets of Boston' by American photographer Mike SMITH, gathers detailed black and white portraits of residents of Boston streets. He worked with a large, weighty camera that held people's attention long enough to get the job done.
58,00 € *
'The World's First Photobook Was Blue', by ALBÁRRAN CABRERA shows their work as well as explains their artistic process. The title is a reference to Anna ATKINS, the spiral binding to BRASSAI and the book itself is a tribute to photography's complexity.
95,00 € *
The b/w photographs Fie JOHANSEN published in her recently published photo book 'All the Things You Are' were taken during a period of two years at Copenhagen Zoo. They show a strong, non-verbal connection between the zoo inhabitants and the photographer.
39,90 € * Weight 0.9 kg
'Une Intime Distance', explores the work of Nicholas NIXON, offering a cross-section of his oeuvre. Arranged around the Brown Sisters longterm-series are previously unpublished series: Industrial Landscapes, Southern Stater portraits to Close-ups of Faces
47,50 € *
In 'The Hero Mother', Peter PUKLUS deconstructs and questions the dynamics of established female and male roles. His exploration breaks down the traditional symbols associated with maternal and paternal figures in a way that is both playful and critical.
from 35,00 €
In his photo volume 'The Book of Veles', Jonas BENDIKSEN weaves together two different stories about the Macedonian city that both currently - in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign - and historically represents efforts to create disinformation and chaos.
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'War & Peace in New York. Photographs 1966-1970' by Tod PAPAGEORGE, comprises two photo volumes that provide a comprehensive portrait of a troubled city in a dark, febrile time. This is a city built sweetly, if seriously, at heart, to belong and to like.
280,00 € *
After projects drawing from archives, Arwed MESSMER turns for 'Clearing the Dephts' to his own archive, which contains many problematic aspects of German history. Previously unpublished images are re-edited and series are set in relation to each other.
75,00 € *
'History in Pictures' by Joel STERNFELD often puzzle over notions of Westernization, globalization, and identity. Modernity, contradictions, inequality, hatred, technology, science, and emerging sexual identities have forever reshaped the human condition.
65,00 € *
Photo volume 'BABY SUMO', the new edition on the occasion of Helmut NEWTON's 100th birthday. With more than 400 pictures, a booklet that documents the history of its creation and a specially designed book stand by French designer Philippe Starck.
1.000,00 € Weight 12 kg