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In the 'Pre-Order Now' category you will find titles that Cafe Lehmitz Photobooks has picked up and will ship in the future. Since these are often titles for which CLP pays in advance, the price at the time of recording and the price at the time of availability may vary.

The volume 'Hierzulande' gathers photo reportages by Robert LEBECK from 1955 to 1983. Some pictures are part of the cultural memory, others have rarely or never been published. His reports are legendary and make him an indispensable chronicler of our time
35,00 € *
In 'The Pregnant Virgin' Torbjörn RODLAND explores analog photography in dialogue with online digital culture with precision and a sense of surrealism and surprise. The sequence feeds on symbolism and texture in a sense reminiscent of religious painting.
from 45,00 €
'Abstrakt' by Ernst HAAS contains diverse abstractions in color - from street clutter to torn posters and other found objects - spanning his entire career from 1952 to 1984. HAAS himself considered the project the culmination of his photographic work.
50,00 € *
The bibliophile photo volume 'Panoptikum' by Herbert LIST, published for the first time, contains b/w photographs taken in 1944 in the Prater in Vienna, which show fairy tale scenes, historical tableaux as well as medical subjects created from wax figures
54,00 € *
The book 'River Under Earth' by Dmitry ERMAKOV shows some essence of the original beauty of the European part of Russia - from Baltic Sea to Western Siberia - where real pagans live and Orthodox Russia is a silent agreement of the people with the rulers.
85,00 € *
'War & Peace in New York. Photographs 1966-1970' by Tod PAPAGEORGE, comprises two photo volumes that provide a comprehensive portrait of a troubled city in a dark, febrile time. This is a city built sweetly, if seriously, at heart, to belong and to like.
280,00 € *
After projects drawing from archives, Arwed MESSMER turns for 'Clearing the Dephts' to his own archive, which contains many problematic aspects of German history. Previously unpublished images are re-edited and series are set in relation to each other.
75,00 € *
'History in Pictures' by Joel STERNFELD often puzzle over notions of Westernization, globalization, and identity. Modernity, contradictions, inequality, hatred, technology, science, and emerging sexual identities have forever reshaped the human condition.
65,00 € *