'Touch Tours' by Ellen Henriette SUHRKE is a tactile photo book based on a video of the same name. A blind woman is shown around a botanical garden by a gardener. It offers the sighted public an insight into a different way of finding their way around.
24,00 € * Weight 0.3 kg
The book 'For your pleasure' shows works by Johannes BRUS. Since the 1970s, he plays with the medium of photography by reversing, violating or ignoring its rules. By reworking, collaging, destroying & breaking the rules, he creates new photographic images
40,00 € * Weight 0.8 kg
Daisuke YOKOTA Conersation with Taisuke Koyama, Mayumi Hosokura, Kenta Cobayashi, Takashi Kawashima as well as with Takaaki Akaishi in Japanese and English.
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The photo volume 'Asleep in Dirt' by Yair OELBAUM contains photographs taken with a Macro 5 Polaroid camera. By experimenting with the camera, which was originally intended for dental and crime scene photography, he created abstract, emotional images.
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'The Need to Know' by Michael S. HONEGGER is an investigation into his father's double life during the Cold War, the impact on his family, strange encounters, odd radio transmissions and inexplicable coincidences that became the normality of his childhood
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Italian photographer Fausto GIACCONE reached Cavallino Treporti at summer afternoon, and in the uncertainty of the day coming to an end, he was guided by the light. One of the first shots became the cover of the photo book 'Volit di Cavallino Treporti'.
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Company publication from the 1990s by Scotland born prominent fashion photographer Albert WATSON
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Out-of-print photo book 'Wegweiser zum Glück' (Roadmap to Happiness) by Wilhelm SCHÜRMANN deals with everyday life in a Dortmund street). The serial black-and-white photographs in the book lie somewhere between factual stocktaking and personal enthusiasm.
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