Actual printrun, HC with dust jacket, 25 x 29 x 3,5 cm., 320 pp., richly color illustrated, text language: English
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'Ludwig Wittgenstein. Photography as Analytical Practice' contains his album, photographs of automata, and other self-portraits. In addition, the book places his photographs in a dialogue with the photographic practice and theory of contemporary artists.
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The catalog volume for the exhibition 'Die Neue Sachlichkeit' at Centre Pompidou shows 32 photographs by August SANDER, surrounded by artists and subjects from painting & sculpture, design & architecture, photography, film & graphics, theater & literature
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In photo-text volume 'Gerda Taro, photo reporter: With Robert Capa in the Spanish Civil War. The biography 'presents research results and the find of the' Mexican Suitcase ', in which over 800 photographs by Gerda TARO were discovered.
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In this first detailed monograph, Karl Blossfeldt. 'Variationen', which is entirely dedicated to the reception of his photographic work, Karl BLOSSFELDT expert Ulrike Meyer Stump analyzes the reproductions and traces the paths of some plant motifs.
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DVD (PAL, Dolby Mono), 168 min. with booklet, 4:3, German (partly English and Spanish)
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reprint 2019, broschierte Ausgabe in einem transparenten Slipcase (14 Ausgaben mit separatem Kommentarband, etwa 32 S.) , 21 x 30 cm., 316 pp., 418 ills., deutsch-sprachiger Text - TEXT ONLY IN GERMAN!
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The book 'Das Magische Auge' (Magic Eye) shows the versatile work of Herbert LIST. Many of his photographs were taken in cities like Hamburg, Paris or Athens and exude an aura of mystery: Thus he wanted to illustrate the profound and ambiguous of reality.
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The photo book 'Message from the Interiror' is a large-format, paperback volume consisting of twelve masterpieces by Walker EVANS: black and white photographs, carefully reproduced using the gravure printing process, show views of American interiors.
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This out-of-print catalog volume shows how Bill BRANDT - a German-British key figure in 20th century photography - was fascinated by the strange and dark aspects of life, from his earliest photographs from the 1930s to his late portraits and body studies.
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