'Karl Blossfeldt und das Auge Allahs. Warum wir nicht aufhören können, die Natur wie eine Schöpfung anzusehen' by Dutch writer Cees Nooteboom contains 26 of the most beautiful images by the photographer as well as a brilliant essay on plant photographs.
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'Documentary and Anti-Graphic Photographs' gibt die gleichnamige Ausstellung des Sammlers Julien Levy wieder, für die er 1935 wesentliche und manchmal unbekannter Bilder von Henri CARTIER-BRESSON, Walker EVANS & Manuel ALVAREZ BRAVO zusammengestelt hatte.
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This out-of-print catalog, 'Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks', contains interesting essays on various topics in the history of Central European photo books and - in addition to many photo book illustrations - an article on East German photography.
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The images by Helen LEVITT in out-of-print 'One, Two, Three, More' are a unique & irreplaceable look at New York street life from mid-1930s to late 1940s: children play, lovers, husbands and wives flirt, young mothers with their babies, and lonely old men
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This Walker-EVANS-Photobook-Library consists of 22 mostly English-language titles from the years 1966 to 2015, also including secondary literature on his work - like compendia on his work within the FSA with LANGE, ROTHSTEIN, DELANO and PARKS.
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'Fotografen sehen Köln' contains works by Cologne photographers such as August Sander, Werner Mantz, August Kreyenkamp, Karl Hugo Schmölz, Heinrich Ewertz a.o., which show the historical upheavals and the rapid development of the medium of photography.
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John Raeburn's in-depth study 'A Staggering Revolution' explains how the democratic atmosphere of the United States' 1930s favored photographic innovation and also provides an insightful analysis of the sociology of the photography art world.
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with photo works by Hans FINSLER, Albert RENGER-PATZSCH (among others, ed. by Paul WOLFF) - 140 pp., 103 b/w ills. (83 ills. in duotone), German only
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ARNDT, Gertrud / Irene BAYER / Lotte BEESE / T. Lux FEININGER / Walter FUNKAT / Lucia MOHOLY (among others) - Broschierte Ausgabe ohne Schutzumschlag (wie erschienen), 21 x 20,5 x 2,5 cm., 248 S., 228 S/W-Abb., deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
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SIGNED COPY! In his volume 'The Longest Way Round' Chris DORLEY-BROWN mixes historical archive material not intended for the family album and new images. He creates an alternative narrative about the course of events that shaped the late 20th century.
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