Photobooks for PARIS 2022

In the category 'Photo Books for Paris 2022' you will find a current compilation of the books that I will take with me to Paris, to the POLYCOPIES Photo Book Event 2022, which takes place parallel to the Paris Photo. These are new releases, some of which will be on display for the first time, as well as international classics and rarities - display copies, original packaged titles and signed photo books.

Location description

This annual get-together of international publishers, photographers as well as photo book professionals takes place on a boat, the Bataeu Concorde, anchored opposite the Louvre, on the Musée D'Orsay side.
This place is characterized by an informal atmosphere in the midst of many new publications, some of which mur appear in small editions and are often already quickly sold out. Also, the publishers and photographers often come from far away, so that only here is the compact opportunity for exchange and information.
In addition to the booths, culinary delights and a beautiful view are offered on the boat's terrace. In the belly of the boat there is a well-equipped bar with cold as well as hot drinks at (relatively) low prices untypical for Paris.

Café Lehmitz Photobooks

Café Lehmitz Photobooks is located on the terrace, where you can browse or have your book signed and/or dedicated on the occasion of a book signing. An unforgettable moment, which you will see every time you open the book you have bought, is guaranteed!

Signing hours

This year's book signing sessions with Regina ANZENBERGER, Herman VAN DEN BOOM, Andrea DIEFENBACH, Nina KORHONEN, Olaf UNVERZART as well as photographers to be added will take place from Thursday to Saturday, as follows:

Photo books by the artists

Based on a classic landscape tradition, carefully composed 5x4 photographs are given a special effect by increasing the color & composition. Especially in moments when the expected narrative is roughly often gross due to pollution or destruction of nature
298,00 € Weight 0.7 kg
'Mining Photography: The Ecological Footprint of Image Production' is dedicated to the material history of key raw materials in the context of photography, their dependence and establishs the connection to the history of mining, disposal & climate change.
36,00 € Weight 0.6 kg
The book gives photo series a contextualization and brings them into a sensually experienceable form. In 'Fotobuch denken' (Thinking the Photobook) Bettina LOCKEMANN opens an approach from a scientific point and elaborates precise terms for its analysis.
from 24,00 € Weight 0.2 kg
For her book 'Hafiz', Sabiha ÇIMEN documented the life at Koranic schools for girls in Turkey for three years. A return to schools as she once visited them with her twin sister. The title refers to someone who has memorized all 604 pages of the Holy Quran
198,00 € Weight 0.8 kg
In their volume 'Look at me like you love me' Jess T. DUGAN reflects on desire, intimacy, society and how our identities are shaped by these experiences. A highly personal collection of portraits, couples and still lifes, interwoven with diary-like notes.
54,00 € * Weight 0.9 kg
The photo volume 'Roots & Bonds' - part of a trilogy - by Regina ANZENBERGER contains forest images, created in the thicket. An atmospheric, quiet and artist volume - shown by the selection of images, the book design as well as the choice of paper used.
65,00 € Weight 0.6 kg
The photographs by D'Angelo WILLIAMS in his volume 'Contact High' visualize the black body in theatrical, dance, and occasionally everyday scenes. The intimate images focus on notions of kinship and spirituality interwoven with quiet political gestures.
from 42,00 € Weight 0.7 kg
SIGNED COPY! Limited volume 'Under the Apple Tree' by Regina ANZENBERGER shows portraits of family members taken with an analog Rolleiflex. The apple tree is both a real setting anchored in her biography and a place of longing to which there is no return.
from 58,00 € Weight 0.5 kg
The SIGNED book 'Residency' trace the wanderings of photographer Nina STRAND around Paris, as she attempts to find inspiration for her art. While exploring the city, she also explores the medium's history as well as art photography and where it is today.
28,00 € * Weight 0.2 kg