About the Austrian photographer, Regina ANZENBERGER

Regina Maria ANZENBERGER is an Austrian photo artist whose photo books always have a personal reference as well as something mythical. She has (self) published five photo volumes so far.

Photo books by Regina ANZENBERGER

'Roots & Bonds' (2015, 2022), 'Goosewalk' (2019) and 'Shifting Roots' (2020); 'Gstettn' (2021); 'Under the Apple Tree' (2022)

The photo volume 'Roots & Bonds' - part of a trilogy - by Regina ANZENBERGER contains forest images, created in the thicket. An atmospheric, quiet and artist volume - shown by the selection of images, the book design as well as the choice of paper used.
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SIGNED COPY! Limited volume 'Under the Apple Tree' by Regina ANZENBERGER shows portraits of family members taken with an analog Rolleiflex. The apple tree is both a real setting anchored in her biography and a place of longing to which there is no return.
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A goose is the inspiration and main character of the limited photo volume 'Goosewalk' by Austrian photo artist Regina ANZENBERGER. The book is the second part of a trilogy that includes the volumes 'Roots & Bonds' (2015, 2022) and 'Shifting Roots' (2020).
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'Gstettn' is a piece of land that is waiting to be developed and has meanwhile been taken possession of by nature. With her photos in 'Gstettn', consisting of 8 booklets in a linen slipcase, Regina ANZENBERGER has documented this place in seven chapters.
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