About the French photographer, Henri CARTIER-BRESSON (1908-2004)

Henri CARTIER-BRESSON was a French photographer, director, actor, draftsman, painter and co-founder of the Magnum photo agency. When photographing, he attached great importance to the most perfect possible image composition. In 1947 he founded the Magnum Photos agency in New York with Robert CAPA, David SEYMOUR and George RODGER. In 1972 he quit professional photography and devoted himself intensively to the art of drawing. Born in Chanteloup-en-Brie, Seine-et-Marne (northern French region of Ile-de-France), Henri CARTIER-BRESSON died on August 3, 2004 in Montjustin, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

A selection of photo books by or with works by Henri CARTIER-BRESSON

'The Decisive Moment / Images a la Sauvette' (1952/2014); 'Soviet Union. Photographische Notizen '(1975/1982); 'America' (1996); 'Europeans' (1998, 2002, 2009); 'The Eye of the Century' (2003); 'Scrapbook' (2006); 'An Inner Silence: The Portraits of Henri Cartier-Bresson' (2006); 'Henri Cartier-Bresson & Paul Strand. Mexique 1932-1934 '(2012); 'The Photographs: The Main Works Selected by the Artist' (2016); 'Madrid' (by Magnum photographers, 2020); 'Man redet immer zu viel' (You always talk too much, 2020); 'Photographer' (2020)

This monograph on Magnum agency co-founder Henri CARTIER-BRESSON is about the decisive moment, humility and humanity in his work. The images reproduced in black and white range from the earliest works to landscape photographs from the 1970s.
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The out-of-print catalog 'Mirror Mirror. Portugal as seen by Magnum photographers' was published on the occasion of the 2004 exhibition in Lisbon. A look at Portugal from the 1950s to the present through the eyes of thirteen leading Magnum photographers.
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The b/w illustrated book 'Soviet Union. Henri Cartier-Bresson's photographic notes' contains scenes from everyday life and the world of work in factories, shops & offices in Leningrad, Moscow, USSR, Estonia, Caucasus & Central Asia - geographically sorted
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Photo & text book 'Man redet immer zu viel' (You always talk too much) contains twelve interviews with Henri CARTIER-BRESSON from almost fifty years. In view of the flood of secondary literature, he provides authentic information about his life and work.
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Juliet Hacking expertly portrays 38 of the most important personalities in the history of photography. By working out backgrounds and contexts, the portraits add to an entertaining overview of the great innovations, trends and developments in photography.
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With works by Robert FRANK, Garry WINOGRAND, Joel STERNFELD, William EGGLESTON, Alec SOTH, Victor BURGIN, Taino ONORATO & Nico KREBS and many more
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The up to then little researched early work by Henri CARTIER-BRESSON from the 1930s was the subject of an exhibition at MoMA in New York in 1987. The volume of the catalog with a well-founded text by Peter Galassi is still regarded as authoritative today.
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The out-of-print 'Zeitblende' was published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the famous photo agency Magnum. The picture & text book provides an overview of the impressive field of reportage photography that is commensurate with its significance
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The volume 'Photographien', compiled by Henri CARTIER-BRESSON himself, combines the highlights of a life in the service of photojournalism and photographic art - the very combination for which it has repeatedly set new standards since the 1930s.
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'MAGNUM's first' reproduces the first MAGNUM show with 83 black-and-white images by the Magnum photographers Werner BISCHOF, Henri CARTIER-BRESSON, Robert CAPA, Ernst HAAS, Erich LESSING, Jean MARQUIS, Inge MORATH & Marc RIBOUD, reproduced in large format
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