HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 15 x 19 x 2,5 cm., 128 pp., 67 color ills., text language: English
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HC with dust jacket,
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Out-of-print book 'Color' shows selected works by Joachim BROHM, one of the most prominent representatives of color photography of his generation in Germany: 'Ruhr' (1982-1983), 'Ohio' (1983-1984), 'Areal' (1992-2002), 'Culatra' (2008-2010) and some more
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'Raval' by Joan COLOM combines the modernist avant-garde of the 50s with the 'dark', pessimistic tradition of Franco-era Spain. For years he explored the Raval neighborhood in Barcelona, now 'Barrio Chino', sawing himself as a witness to a social theater.
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In his now out-of-print photo volume 'America', Ulrich GEBERT documents the living conditions of African migrants around the orange harvest in Spain. The photo book closes with a trilingual text contribution (in English, Spanish, German) by Jens Kastner.
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The book 'Hommage' for the retrospective on the work of Inge MORATH shows the whole spectrum and the - perhaps feminine? - subtlety of her work. An autobiographical speech she gave in Berlin is the main text of the German-English accompanying publication.
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In this volume, 'Blood Orange / Naranja de Sangre', Liza AMBROSSIO, infected by the aesthetics of Japanese counterculture and Aztec rituals of human sacrifice, she mixes psychological techniques of manipulation, with science, fiction, eruro & witchcraft.
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'Photographs', published to accompany the Alberto GARCÍA-ALIX retrospective, contains B&W photographs from 1975 to 1997. In addition to included chronology, bibliography, and a selection of critical texts, it is supplemented by a series of reflections.
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In 'A Spanish Festival', Kurt KAINDL documents the 'Romería del Rocío', to which the pilgrims arrive every year at Whitsun from all over Spain to celebrate the cult of the Holy Spirit and pay homage to the Virgin Mary. These b/w photos were made in 2000.
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The 'Dirk-ALVERMANN-Photobook-Library' currently contains one copy each of nine publications, which are already out of print at their publishers. Some of the books are SIGNED, like 'Keine Experimente' (1961), 'Zwischen den Zeiten' (2006) & 'dacapo' (2008)
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