In his photo volume 'Autobiography' Cristóbal HARA uses images from today's Spain and filters them through the emotional memories of his childhood. The result is a deep insight into Spanish culture and the cultural breeding ground of a whole generation.
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This version of 'Gypsies' by Joseph KOUDELKA represents the first realization of the original maquette, which was created by the photographer together with graphic artist Milan Kopřiva in 1968 and was originally intended to be published in Prague in 1970.
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This monograph, 'Cristóbal Hara. Spanish Colour 1985-2020', brings together the color photographs of the legend, who sees himself in the tradition of Spanish painting. His subjects are everyday life, bullfighting, and again and again the Catholic religion
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Paperback, 24 x 33 cm., 52 pp., Ltd. to 300 numbered copies
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The out-of-print book 'Barcelona 1957' by Leopoldo POMÉS is a journey through a vanished world as well as a narrative. The images are characterized by timelessness and aesthetic beauty, which lie in the spontaneity as well as seemingly simple compositions
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'Archipelago' is the first photo volume of the 'Los Ensayos Banales' series by Spanish photographer Cristóbal HARA. His essays allow him to address individual aspects of his work, illustrating them with images that show a sample of his work over 40 years.
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For 'Give me your Image' renowned Dutch photographer Bertien van MANEN traveled through Europe to document family photos and collect traces of war & oppression, of happiness & sadness. The result: a century of history in encounters of eyes, minds, hearts.
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This small edition of 'Gypsies' is based on the original maquette, prepared by KOUDELKA with Milan KOPRIVA in 1968. Will Guy, author of the text that accompanied the 1st ed. of 'Gypsies', contributes an entirely new essay tracing the migration of the Roma
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This out-of-print photo volume 'Latvia, Spain' by Koji ONAKA describes in documentary style his view on the two EU countries Latvia and Spain. It is volume #3 of the series 'Europe Today 2004-2005', whose speciality lies in the typical photographers view.
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'Ama Lur' by Jon CAZENAVE challenges the notion of the frontier. By revealing an area charged with history and magic, he wants to (re)connect us with the ancient spirit of humanity as well as remind us of our balance with nature that leads us to this day.
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