HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 18,5 x 22 cm., 58 color ills., multi-lingual text: French / English / Spanish
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In the book 'Verlassene Ort' (Abandoned Places) various photographers document the beautiful and at the same time eerie atmosphere of places where decay has set in and nature has returned. The history & present of these places are explained in short texts
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New York based photographer Bill PERLMUTTER traveled through Europe on behalf of the US Army from 1954. 'Europe in the Fifties. Through a Soldier's Lens' shows a selection of his b/w 6 x 6 Rolleiflex photos from Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.
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The out-of-print photographic volume 'Blackcelona' by Salvi DANÉS records a journey into the gray tones of urban polychromy, leading us through that chiaroscuro that engulfs the morphology of the city. It is an invitation to an aesthetic experience.
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'Photobooks: Spain 1905-1997' documents and illustrate 30 titles; in his text, Horacio Fernández informs an overview of several hundred other titles. A new chapter in the history of photography written in recent years by the rediscovery of the photobook.
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With the photo book 'Spanish Summer' JOHANSSON returns to one of the first places that fired his imagination: the plains of central Spain. In precise compositions an din b/w, a landscape is surveyed in which cultural traces have been etched for millennia.
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For 'Al Escondite' the Spanish photographer Cristóbal HARA searched his archive and found for his second of currently six 'Trivial Essays' some photographs in B&W and colorful from the years 1969-2013, which revolve around the theme of hide&seek.
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HC with print (no dust jacket, as issued), 24,5 x 29,5 cm., 128 pp., 90 ills., text language: English
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