About the British photographer, Nick BRANDT (b.1966)

After his studies in London, Nick BRANDT moved to California in 1992; he became fascinated by African wildlife during the shooting of the music video for Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song' and began to photograph African wildlife. In September 2010 he founded a non-profit foundation called 'Big Life Foundation' for the protection of African wildlife and ecosystems. Even though he is often called a nature photographer, he prefers to call himself a portrait photographer. Today Nick BRANDT lives in Topanga, USA. 

Photo books by Nick BRANDT

  • 'On this Earth' (2005)
    'A Shadow Falls' (2009)
    'Across the Ravaged Land' (2011)
    'Quer durch wüstes Land' (2013);
    'Inherit the Dust' (2016)
    'This Empty World' (2018)
    'The Day May Break' (2021)
    'The Day May Break. Chapter Two' (2023)

This photo book set by Nick BRANDT includes the volumes 'The Day May Break' (2021) and 'The Day May Break. Chapter Two' (2023).
88,00 € * Weight 4.5 kg
With 'Across the Ravaged Land' the trilogy by Nick BRANDT about the disappearance of animals in East Africa is ending. In addition to powerful animal portraits, people appear for the first time; essays summarize his odyssey that spanned more than a decade
68,00 € Weight 2 kg
In the photo book 'The Day May Break. Chapter Two' by Nick BRANDT, people and animals seem to be trying to find their way in a new world. In the Senda Verde wildlife sanctuary in Bolivia, they are already entering the new phase that our world has reached.
58,00 € *
'The Day May Break' by Nick BRANDT portrays people with animals affected by environmental impacts. Due to climate change, people have been displaced e.g. by hurricanes or droughts. The rescued animals could be photographed in one picture with humans.
54,00 € Weight 1.8 kg
This out-of-print photo volume 'This empty world' by Nick BRANDT contains dramatically staged photographs that bring together and reveal animals and people in East Africa as victims of environmental destruction in an emotionally powerful, cinematic way.
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From the invention of the camera obscura to the birth of digital photography, this history of photography’s greatest advances by the author Florian Heine focuses on individual artists, works, and moments that decisively shaped the evolution of a genre.
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