The volume 'Photographien', compiled by Henri CARTIER-BRESSON himself, combines the highlights of a life in the service of photojournalism and photographic art - the very combination for which it has repeatedly set new standards since the 1930s.
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This new edition of the photo volume 'Made in Germany' by Leonard FREED, first published in New York in 1970, has been accompanied by a booklet containing previously unpublished images, documents as well as texts from 50 years of his Germany photography.
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This very comprehensive photo volume on Arno FISCHER presents the most important groups of works by the German postwar photographer. The texts by Matthias Flügge and Thomas Martin deepen the understanding of a versatile, impressive work.
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2 x HC (24/18 x 30 cm., together approx. 700 pp. (206 & ), highly illustrated, English
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This photo volume, 'Barcelona 1957' by Leopoldo POMÉS, is a journey through a vanished world as well as a story. The b/w photographs are characterized by timelessness and aesthetic beauty, which lie in the spontaneity and seemingly simple compositions.
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Broschiert (ohne Schutzumschlag, wie erschienen), 23,5 x 29 cm., 160 S., approx. 150 S/W-Abb., deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
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The 50s and 60s were the most exciting time for car enthusiasts. The expertly researched German-language book '111 Oldtimer-Stories der 50er und 60er Jahre, die man kennen muss' by Martin Nusch contains the 111 best stories - illustrated with photographs.
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The new edition of the book 'Segregation Story' by Gordon PARKS includes several never-before-published photographs as well as enhanced reproductions. In addition, it includes a new essay by photo artist Dawoud BEY, alongside texts from the first edition.
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The text and photo volume 'Photomontage or Fake News. From Heartfield to Twitter' examines whether the re-location of the classic montage process in the age of social media have anything to do with utopias that have been lost and need to be reactivated?
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