About the French Magnum photographer, Marc RIBOUD (1923-2106)

Marc RIBOUD photographed the 1937 World's Fair in Paris as a 14-year-old with a second-hand Kodak pocket camera. He was politically active in the French resistance movement from 1943 to 1945, after which he studied mechanical engineering until 1948 and then worked as an engineer in Lyon. In 1952, his decision to work as a freelance photographer took him to Paris, where he met photojournalists Robert CAPA and Henri CARTIER-BRESSON and joined their newly founded Magnum photo agency. From 1954 he lived and worked in London. In 1955 he became a full member of Magnum and began a series of photographic expeditions to the Far East. In 1957 Riboud, documented China, dominated by the Mao regime. From 1959 to 1973, he was vice president at Magnum Europe, becoming its president in 1975. From 1980 he worked at Magnum only sporadically as a 'contributing photographer'.

Photo books by and with works by Marc RIBOUD 

'Tunisia' (1961, together with works by Inge MORATH and André MARTIN); 'The Three Banners of China' (1966); 'Face of North Vietnam' (1970); 'China. Yesterday and Today' (1974, together with works by René BURRI, Henri CARTIER-BRESSON, Hiroshi HAMAYA as well as Helen SNOW); 'Visions of China' (1981); 'Report from China. 1957-1980' (1981); 'Selected Photographs, 1953-1985' (1986); 'Huang-shan' (1990, 1992); 'Banlieus' (1990); 'Angkor: The Serenity of Buddhism' (1993); 'Marc Riboud in China' (1997); 'Portfolio (2001); 'Istanbul' (2003); '50 Years of Photography' (2004); 'A Lasting Moment: Leeds 1954 and 2004' (2009); 'Magnum Magnum' (2009); 'Into the Orient' (2012); '60 Years of Photography' (2014); 'Cuba' (2016); 'Chines' (2019)

The German-language photo volume 'Bericht aus China. 1957-1980' by Magnum photographer Marc RIBOUD - simultaneously published as 'Visions of China' - contains around 100 documentary black-and-white photographs from the years 1957, 1965, 1971 and 1979.
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The out-of-print 'Zeitblende' was published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the famous photo agency Magnum. The picture & text book provides an overview of the impressive field of reportage photography that is commensurate with its significance
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'MAGNUM's first' reproduces the first MAGNUM show with 83 black-and-white images by the Magnum photographers Werner BISCHOF, Henri CARTIER-BRESSON, Robert CAPA, Ernst HAAS, Erich LESSING, Jean MARQUIS, Inge MORATH & Marc RIBOUD, reproduced in large format
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'Photographers A-Z' brings together photographers who have made a significant contribution to photographic culture, as well as the most important photographic volumes of the past century. The entries are illustrated with facsimiles from books & magazines.
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