About the Danish photographer, Joakim ESKILDSEN (b. 1971, in Copenhagen)

Joakim ESKILDSEN trained with Royal Court photographer Mrs. Rigmor Mydtskov and educated at the at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, where he learned the craft of bookmaking with Jyrki Parantainen and Pentti SAMMALLAHTI. He often collaborates on projects with writer Cia Rinne (...) currently he's working on three photographic book projetcs and exhibitions, 'American Realities', 'Cuban Evolution', and 'Home Works'. Joakim ESKILDSEN lives and works in Berlin.

Photobooks by Joakim ESKILDSEN

'Nordtegn/Nordic Signs' (1995); 'Bluetide/Maréazul' (1997); 'iChickenMoon' (1999); 'The Roma Journeys' (2007, 2009): 'American Realities' (2016); 'Cornwall' (2018)

In his photo book 'Cornwall', Danish photographer Joakim ESKILDSEN is fascinated by a world that oscillates between rugged edges, exuberant blossom magic and sparse fishing villages. Shown are landscapes in slightly faded sepia tones as well as portraits.
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Out-of-print photo volume 'American Realities' by Joakim ESKILDSEN features people in New York, California, Louisiana, South Dakota & Georgia who live below the poverty line. For many of them there is no longer an 'American Dream' - just American reality.
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The photo volume 'Romareisen' by Joakim ESKILDSEN is the result of a long-term project and a very personal document of Roma encounters in seven countries. Together with the music CD as a supplement, it gives a deep insight into their everyday life & life.
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The young Finnish photo scene shows many facets. After the great success of the first publication 'The Helsinki School', the new volume, 'New Photography by Taik 'again one of the most unusual artistic approaches in current, conceptual photography.
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