About the American photographer, Carolyn DRAKE (b.1971)

"Carolyn DRAKE works on long term photo-based projects seeking to interrogate dominant historical narratives and create alternative and imaginative interpretations of reality. Her work explores community and the interactions within it, as well as the barriers and connections 'between people, between places and between ways of perceiving'." (© Magnum Photos, 2020). She is the recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship, the Lange Taylor Prize, a World Press Photo Award, and the Anamorphosis Prize, among other awards. Since 2017 Carolyn DRAKE is a MAGNUM member.

Photo books by Carolyn DRAKE

'Two Rivers' (2013); 'Wild Pigeon' (2014); 'Internat' (2017); 'Knit Club' (2020)

The photo volume 'Two Rivers' by Magnum member Carolyn DRAKE deals about the two most important rivers in Central Asia, Amu Darya and Syr Darya. The self-published, unconventional book was designed by prominent Dutch photo book designer Sybren KUIPER.
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This photo volume, called 'Internat', contains a very intimate portrait, made by Carolyn DRAKE. On the outskirts of the small Ukrainian town of Ternopil live - surrounded by a wall - seventy allegedly sick women, none of whom are older than thirty-five.
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In his 'The Americans List II' Jason ESKENAZI collected answers by photographers visiting the 'Looking In' exhibition about 'The Americans' by Robert FRANK, choosing their favorite image and why. The book could to become a classic in photography education
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This book by Carolyn DRAKE was created under the impression of a group of women who call themselves 'Knit Club'. The nature of this club is enigmatic: a cross between a gang, a mysterious cult and a group of girlfriends who share the most intimate secrets
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This photo volume by Carolyn DRAKE is a statement for the freedom of the Autonomous Region of Xinjiang. He combines photographs with drawings by the Uighurs. The book also contains excerpts from the allegorical story 'Wild Pigeon' by Nurmuhemmet YASIN.
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