ZEN FOTO GALLERY was established in September 2009 in Tokyo by Mark Pearson, specializing in Asian photography. We aim to show interesting, experimental exhibitions and publish limited edition photography books accompanying most of our exhibitions.

In the book 'Tokyo Debugger', Shinya ARIMOTO intersperses photos of abandoned architectures as traces of past human activities, expanding the scope of his insect series - another world within Tokyo, dominated by the most successful creatives on the planet
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In 'Eternal Chase' neither composition, exposure nor focal length are in focus, these are secondary. Tamiko NISHIMURA leaves it up to the object to show itself. In contrast to the spiritual expectation at the selection, she took a lot of time to fix it.
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This publication shows black & white protest photos from the 1960s in Japan. 'Agitators', however, is a more modern publication format of older photographic material, in which the photographer is involved. Kazuo KITAI played a decisive role in the design.
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Re-edit. 'Shikishima' by Tamiko NISHIMURA is rather one of the lesser-known book classics from the 1970s; it is the result of a journey through her homeland. The photographer was once an assistant to Daido MORIYAMA, who also influenced her stylistically.
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The objects in the photo volume '¥ € $ U $' by Pawel JASZCZUK are sometimes so screaming & grotesque that the meaning of religion can at least be examined not only for the people in Poland. The photographs are printed on paper with a high-gloss varnish.
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Zen Foto Book #13. Two portraits of Tokyo in 1995 & 2010. After merely 15 years, the streets, the people, the textures have all completly changed. TAKEFUJI made two intense portraits, in which the city has metamorphosed from pleasure-dome to sunless sea.
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In her photo volume 'My Journey II. 1968-1989' the Japanese photographer Tamiko NISHIMURA documents her travels through her homeland. After the series and book 'Shikishima' this book is another prime example of brilliantly composed snapshot photography.
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Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 88 pp., Ltd. to 700 copies
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This photo limited-edition photo volume, 'Goze' by Japanese photographer Shoko HASHIMOTO offers an unprecedented look at a masterful series set in the 1970s that features a group of blind entertainers who told stories in exchange for food and shelter.
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The out-of-print book 'Pictures from my Cabinet of Memories' brings together 100 essays by Kazuo KITAI, each accompanied by a photo from his work. In it he himself looks back on his work as a photographer - here for the first time in English translation.
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