A collaborative design studio, based between Marseille & London, founded in 2015. With a practice rooted in publication design, Loose Joints works closely with collaborators & artists on all stages of a project bringing their knowledge from publishing.

Based on a classic landscape tradition, carefully composed 5x4 photographs are given a special effect by increasing the color & composition. Especially in moments when the expected narrative is roughly often gross due to pollution or destruction of nature
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British photographer Jack DAVISON shoots like a painter and in this way brings out the surreal and sensual from the stuff of everyday life. With their deep shadows and tight frames, his photographs have a cinematic quality.
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Namie and Iitate, two cities that were exposed to extreme radioactivity after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Few returnees still live here. Thermal technology is used as a photographic medium to depict the landscapes in a surreal and inverted manner.
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The Chinese artist uses the backdrop of commercial photoshoots to create new, unexpected narratives through the manipulation of bodies & objects in space. The series also speaks of the relationship between Western capitalist motifs and the global contexts
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From a distance we can see Luis Alberto RODRIGUEZ' 'People of the Mud' as a collective community portrait of all the different elements that construct modern, rural Irish identities. It gathers all the ruptures & continuities between the past and present.
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