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This catalog - signed on request - will be published on the occasion of the photo exhibition that will take place in Cologne on the 25th anniversary of the world premiere. It contains the documentation of the project by the photographer Roland KAISER.
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On behalf of the customer, we offer 35 different numbers from the legendary RECORD series by photographer Daido MORIYAMA. A third of it is SIGNED, some volumes have long been out of print. The rare opportunity to acquire a coherent episode all at once!
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'Berlin 1966-70' by Arwed MESSMER shows the student protests from the perspective of the Berlin police. For this he digitized over 1000 negatives. Edited in a film-like sequential narrative structure, he breaks down the boundaries between photo and film.
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'Annelise Kretschmer. Fotografin' was published to accompany the exhibition at Folkwang Museum. In addition to the photos, it contains an interview, an artist chronology, an annotated catalog of the exhibited works, a selected biography & a bibliography.
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'Hartes Leben auf der Höh' by Michael KERSTGENS tells the story of an unusual person, about his work, his life and his loneliness. The journalist Gabriel Grüner and photographer had made a report about the Ahrntal mountain farmers for the magazine 'Stern'
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This self-published volume, 'Ich hatte zwar eigentlich Lamm bestellt, aber kein Problem' has the subtitle 'A walk through my soul'. As in his other, self-published book titles, Gerald v. FORIS has its own, highly inspiring imagery. Limited to 300 copies.
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Timm RAUTERT'S work cycle 'Image Analytical Photography' is considered a major work of photography in the 1960s and 1970s and is at a time of radical discussion about the social relevance of art. This time it comes as a linen-bound edition.
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The photo volume 'Deutschland. Die frühen Jahre. 1951 - 1969' by Walter VOGEL contains black-and-white photographs taken in the post-war period in his native Düsseldorf and the Ruhr area. This was also the time of his training with Otto STEINERT in Essen.
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This photo volume 'Standing by the Wall - Berlin 1990' by Josef Wolfgang MAYER is designed in triptychs and consists exclusively of fold-out pages that expand the individual picture into a panorama. This suddenly makes the past time present again.
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