Linen bound HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 16 × 22 cm., 224 p., more than 140 color ills., English
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From post-empire to the new Middle Kingdom. For his series 'The Pearl River', photographer Christian LUTZ went to the Chinese special economic zone Macao. His photographic gaze laconically and insistently scans the smooth surfaces of this brave new world.
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'Discover' by Francois DAIREAUX contains the story of a journey into the future, revealing the contrasts of a contemporary China in constant construction, with cities growing out of the ground as if by magic. With texts by sinologist Emmanuel Lingot.
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The book, 'War of Whispers' by John WILLHEIM is about what was later called 'the CIA's secret war' conflict in Laos in the 1960s/1970s. The photographer's sympathies were with the Hmong who fought this proxy war. The book design is by Sybren (SYB) KUIPER.
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In over 400 duotone images, out-of-print book 'Fotografien' on the work by Swiss René BURRI - edited & compiled by Hans-Michael Koetzle - shows his unique relationship to the major political events, key politicians, artists & cultural figures of his time.
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In the book 'For my Mother' Ren HANG tells in a playful way about feelings, fears as well as the loneliness of the young generation in China. His works stand for the rebellion against conventions, where nudity and sexual freedom are subject to censorship.
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For 'No One Is Here For You', filmmaker Julien LEVY returns to photography because of the pandemic. It is full of memories of long gone freedom, impossible journeys & thoughts of an outdated lightness. Melancholy cannot be conquered, but can be channeled.
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Volume No.6 of the book series 'Grosse Photographern unserer Zeit' (Great Photographers of Our Time) presents the work of Swiss Magnum photographer Werner BISCHOF (1916-1954) in over 80 b/w images - works in the area of tension between art and reportage.
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n his out-of-print photographic volume 'Aurora Cordial' with photographs from the Philippines, Clemens FANTUR describes a poetry in which wish and reality, idea and reality permanently overlap.
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The first series by Pawel JASZCZUK, 'Sleeping Train', was created in 2004. This small volume contains full-page portraits of sleeping travelers on the Tokyo subway. A great addition to 'Tokyo Compression', 'Subway' (Bruce Davidson) and 'Manhattan Transit'
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