The out-of-print photo book 'As Dust Alights' by Vincent DELBROUCK represents part #1 of The Himalayan Project. He created this artist book out of various installations, subjectively addressing the city of Kathmandu as well as the nature of the Himalayas.
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In 'Reading the Landscape', Olaf Otto BECKER documents the overexploitation of nature with images showing idyllic places of longing in Malaysia, Indonesia or California, as well as huge tracts of land deforested on behalf of international corporations.
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The travel diary 'See Saw' by Antonia HENSCHEL takes us to 10 places worldwide. From London to Venice and Tokyo. Connecticut, is followed by Taipei & Shanghai and Marrakech by Seoul. A foggy stretch of forest on the Moselle and a visit to Odawara, Tokyo.
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The book, 'Shanghai' by Bettina RHEIMS, is the result of her search for the spirit of the women of Shanghai. But these staged photographs of women from all walks of life in the old city show a place so fast moving and evolving that her search became moot.
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