About Israeli photographer, Lili ALMOG (b. 1961, Tel Aviv)

Lili ALMOG (Hebrew: לילי אלמוג) is a photographer and mixed media artist, who is renowned for her intimate spiritual portraits of women cultural identities around the world. Raised in an Israeli matriarchal home, she emigrated to the United States in the mid-1980s as a photojournalist, working on fashion shoots and portraiture, and documenting New York's eccentric nightlife in candid black-and-white images. She gradually transitioned into photographing only women, presenting their 'psyche and their body' in their intimate space and revealing their 'spiritual state of mind and cultural identity' that has been affected by conflict and western culture. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in the 1990s, she continued to develop her own vision, which have taken her into women's private spaces ('Bed Sequence'), cloistered nuns in remote Carmelite monasteries ('Perfect Intimacy'), and minority women in rural China ('The Other Half of the Sky'), where she sensitively captured women in moments of solitude and introspection.

Photo books by Lili ALMOG

  • 'Bed Sequence' (2002)
    'Perfect Intimacy' (2006)
    'The Other Half of the Sky' (2009)
    'Between Presence and Absence' (2015)
    'Betweenness' (2023)

For her photo book 'Betweenness', Israeli photographer Lili ALMOG was inspired by the veiling practices of an extremist Jewish sect. In a novel representation of the veil, she raises questions about freedom and faith and how these truths can coexist today
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