For 40 years the Swiss police officer Arnold ODERMATT captured accident scenes & property damage. What results from his official work is 'Karambolage', a selection of melancholic, sometimes funny & always strange atmospheric photos of our mobile society.
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'Ein gutes Bild muss scharf sein' closes a gap in the literature about Arnold ODERMATT, who as a self-taught photographer in the post-war period recorded accidents, police service, everyday life as well as his family with his 6x6 medium format camera.
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The volume 'After work' contains masterpieces by Arnold ODERMATT, who trained his craft & his eye significantly on the tasks of his police service. His photo archive would possibly have been disposed of if the photographer's son had not rediscovered it.
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Police officer Arnold ODERMATT documented accident scenes to which he was called. With his eye for the insignificant, he repeatedly captured outstandingly composed scenes - often unintentionally humorous and ironic. 'Meine Welt' contains 140 of his shots.
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'Off Duty' by Arnold ODERMATT is an impressive document about the staging of a life in the village world, where a police officer's evening is not private, but civil. So wife, son, daughter wait patiently to annoyed, because a proper picture takes its time
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