In his ongoing 'City Diary' project, Anders PETERSEN - awarded with the Dr.-Erich-Salomon-Award, DGPh - examines the less public side of urban life, in volumes #1 to #3, he photographed such different cities like Stockholm, Tokyo as well as St. Petersburg
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by Fred Ritchie and Carole Naggar (eds), HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 21,5 x 29 x 3 cm., 272 pp., 1,600 ills., text language: English
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HC with dust jacket, 29 x 25 cm., 144 pp., b/w ills., text language: English
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'Mouvement' about René BURRI gives an overview about his work which has written history. Removed from sensationalism yet no less striking are his images of the theater of war, of people suffering in poverty & with equal intensity to the spheres of beauty.
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The catalog 'Übermalte Fotografien' (Overpainted Photographs) contains 72 standard photographs taken by prominent photo artist Gerhard RICHTER and developed in an ordinary laboratory - snapshots of family celebrations, people, landscapes or architecture.
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The book 'Hommage' for the retrospective on the work of Inge MORATH shows the whole spectrum and the - perhaps feminine? - subtlety of her work. An autobiographical speech she gave in Berlin is the main text of the German-English accompanying publication.
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The collection for the book 'Personal Best' was selected by Elliott ERWITT himself. Anyone who browses through the carefully edited retrospective will be filled with a nostalgic mood, a sense of wonder - and an enduring feeling for the richness of life.
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Der vergriffene Band 'New Topographics' dokumentiert die historische Bedeutung der gleichnamigen Ausstellung u.a. mit Arbeiten von BALTZ, BECHER & SHORE, aus der sich ein neuer Ansatz für die Landschaftsfotografie ergeben hat und die bis heute fortwirkt.
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First published in 1973, Swedish photographer Anders PETERSEN's 'Gröna Lund' series of black-and-white portraits of mostly young people was shot at one of Sweden's oldest amusement parks, located on an island off Stockholm.
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German Edition
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