This book is the facsimile edition of the 1978 photo book debut 'Kodachrome' by Italian color photographer Luigi GHIRRI. This photo volume was a manifesto for photography and a milestone in a remarkable work that was about preserving our ability to see.
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Over 1,000 color photographs from the 1980s. The photographic preface about Louisiana is followed by 'familiar' places like Memphis & Tennessee and then Dallas, Pittsburgh, Miami, Boston, Kentucky and the Berlin Wall. Volume ten leads back to Tennessee.
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Broschierte Ausgabe (in Klappenbroschur), 24 x 28 x 1,5 cm., 136 S., 87 S/W-Abb., deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
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'Paris after Dark' by BRASSAI, is the English re-edition of the classic photo book, 'Paris de Nuit'. The 62 black and white photos show Paris at night in 1932 and 1933. All photos are already scaled down before the main part and provided with captions.
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New edition. 'So it goes, so it goes' by Miho KAJIOKA presents a work about time, memory and place. The series shows intuitive images of fragments of their everyday life at different points in time. Inspiration was Kurt Vonnegut's novel 'Schlachthof 5'.
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The photo book 'Exiles' by Josef KOUDELKA is a powerful document of the mental & physical state of exile. Mostly taken during his long wanderings through Europe and the USA since leaving his native Czechoslovakia, the photos speak of passion & restraint.
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Accompanying the release of the book 'Roots', this limited edition box set includes a signed copy of the trade ed. and the color archival pigment print, on baryt paper, made by Philippe Massat: Brabant, Belgique, 1981, signed & numbered by Harry GRUYAERT.
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The new edition of the photo book 'Carnival Strippers' contains newly selected photos by Susan MEISELAS together with the original excerpts from the interviews, as well as an audio CD and two essays reflecting on the significance of this photographic work
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Facsimile of the first book by GILBERT & GEORGE, first published in 1971. 'Side by Side' it is a proclamation of their view of life and art in the form of poetic texts & pictures. The envelope was marbled by hand and every book is numbered and signed.
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