The artist volume 'Poemotion 2' by Takahiro KURASHIMA is the continuation of 'Poemotion 1'. New in this volume is the use of color. The viewer can playfully discover how optical overlaps between figures & shapes are created, set in motion, disappear again
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This out-of-print book, 'Mati & the Music', presents works by Mati KLARWEIN, which he produced for record covers by Miles Davis, Carlos Santana, Earth Wind & Fire, Buddy Miles as well as Jimi Hendrix. He has also worked for record labels such as Blue Note
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In 'Joseph Beuys: Kunst Kapital Revolution' Philip Ursprung undertakes a historical journey to central BEUYS locations and offers a comprehensive overview of his works in the social, as well as economic-political context of the Federal Republic of Germany
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'Joseph Beuys. Werkübersicht 1945-1985' is the ideal introduction to Beuys's world of thought and imagination and the work he left behind in all its many metamorphoses. 152 illustrations from all of the artist's creative areas and a text by Alain Borer.
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Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 21,5 x 28 cm., 200 pp., 93 ills., bilingual text: English / French
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English edition. This catalog raisonné documents the entire spectrum of graphic and photographic editions by prominent German artist Gerhard RICHTER as well as his books, multiples and editions in oil that he realized between 1965 and 2004.
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'Four Books in a Box', shows Joseph BEUYS as a showman, but also in private moments and allows an exciting look at him through the eyes of those who knew him best. Limited edition of 900 slipcases with a photograph, signed and numbered by Gerhard Steidl.
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This very limited 180g vinyl with the 'Laughings' by Joseph BEUYS from a trip back from United States in 1974 is edited by Klaus STAECK & Gerhard Steidl, together with an English-German booklet, housed in a printed sleeve with the format 25 x 25 cm.
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The series in 'Poemotion 3' by Japanese artist Takehiro KAURASHIMA goes back to the roots. Thirty abstract graphic, geometric shapes are brought to life through a film. When this is placed on the paper, the shapes begin to dance, jump, spin and weave.
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