With his book with analogue color photographs, 'Enter the Forest', Alexandre Miguel MAIA continues a tradition that sees the forest as a recurring theme in photography. The book was printed on certified recycled paper and produced entirely in Germany.
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The photographic volume 'Pasaco, 1996' by Luis CORZO contains archival material & new images of places, objects as well as people involved in his kidnapping. With that, he addresses violence, corruption, the death penalty and criminal rehabilitation.
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The debut photo volume 'Heartbeat' by Dutch photographer Machiel BOTMAN consists of grainy, contemplative black and white photographs accompanied by poetic text. The autobiographical and non-linear style of the work suggests the transient nature of life.
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'American' by Werner AMANN, is the result of a long-term project. Portraits from L.A., New York, Las Vegas, Gainesville, Miami, Kansas City, the border city Tijuana as well as the deserts of the Western alternate with travel pictures of streets & places.
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In his book '22 day in Between', Salih BASHEER collects the few memories he has of his parents, who passed away when he was 3 years old. These memories, seen from a child’s perspective are presented in a mix of images, writing, self-portraits and drawings
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With his out-of-print black-and-white debut photographic volume 'On borrowed time' Finnish photographer Henrik MALMSTRÖM has created a quiet and touching photo essay about the last months of his sister's fight against cancer.
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HC, 26,5 x 21,5 cm., 78 pp., 30 color ills., text language: English, Ltd. to 500 copies
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The artist photo volume 'Für mich' (For Me) by German photographer Sina NIEMEYER is an autobiographical story about sexual abuse. The project was born out of the need to understand and come to terms with what happened to her at a pre-pubescent age.
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This limited edition self published photographic zine 'Bitch I'm Drowning'by Victoria JUNG is combining the photographs of same named series with illustrations and typographical experiments of trap music song lyrics.
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For the US-american photographer Shellburne THURBER, an animated place is an extension of the body and a projection space. Her photo volume 'Analysis' shows a selection of color photographs of psychoanalytic practices in Buenos Aires and in New England.
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