About the US photographer, Jeffrey SILVERTHORNE (b. 1946 in Honolulu, Hawaii).

Jeffrey SILVERTHORNE was best known for his images of physical and psychological boundaries, including death and nudity. He graduated from the BFA, MAT, and MFA programs at the Rhode Island School of Design. He taught at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island until 2018. Jeffrey SILVERTHORNE passed away in 2022 in Cranston, Rhode Island, Massachusettes.

Photo books by and about Jeffrey SILVERTHORNE.

  • 'Photographs' (1994)
    'Directions for Leaving. Photographs 1971-2006' (2007)
    'Boystown, the Perfume of Desire' (2010)
'Travel Plans' (2011)
    'Portraits and Figures' (2013)
    'Working' (2015)
'The Morgue' (2017)

'Directions for Leaving' on the work of Jeffrey SILVERTHORNE 1971-2006 pointedly asks existential life questions about identity, gender, love, violence, sexuality and death. The transsexual becomes the ultimate symbol, seeking ways to show his inner self.
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In his out-of-print photo book 'Travel Plans' Jeffrey SILVERTHORNE takes us by the hand, leading us past the beauty and the grand guignol of a life in the shadow of mortality. The longer you look, the more questions they provoke, and with that: compassion
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Singer Sewn & foil stamped Pb., 21 x 27 cm., o.pp., 22 duotone b/w ills., English, Ltd. to 750 copies
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