About the photographer, Michael SCHMIDT (1945 - 2014)

Michael SCHMIDT was a Berlin photographer. He had his first solo exhibition there in 1973. While teaching at two adult education centers, he organized workshops, lectures and exhibitions, among others. by Robert ADAMS, Diane ARBUS, Lewis BALTZ, Larry CLARK, John GOSSAGE, William EGGLESTON, Larry FINK, Frank GOHLKE and Lisette MODEL. In addition to Bernd and Hilla BECHER, he was responsible for opening up German photography towards the 'New Topographics' movement from the USA.

Photo books by and about Michael SCHMIDT

'Berlin Kreuzberg' (1973, 1974); 'Berlin Wedding' (1976, 2019); 'Waffenruhe' (1987, 2018); 'EIN-HEIT/U-NI-TY' (1996); 'Irgendwo' (2005); '89/90' (2010); 'Lebensmittel' (2012); 'Natur' (2014) sowie 'Michael Schmidt. Photographs 1965-2014' (2020); 'Michael Schmidt. Fotografien 1965-2014' (2020)

This version of the book 'EIN-HEIT' (U-NI-TY) is a re-edit. Originally published in 1996, Michael SCHMIDT investigated the question of 'unity', tracing the symbolism & iconography of political systems, their propaganda & the images of people they project.
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'Die Farbe Grau' combines photographs by Michael SCHMIDT - the series 'Berlin-Wedding' (1976-1978) and 'Waffenruhe' (1985-1987) with several pictures by famous artist Gerhard RICHTER from the years 1965 to 1974 as well as the work 'Siegel/Grau' from 1991.
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The book 'Berlin Kreuzberg' contains some early works by photographer and former police officer Michael SCHMIDT. The black and white photos taken in the Berlin district in the mid-1970s show the urban environment subjectively but without any artistic airs
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The out-of-print catalog for huge Michael SCHMIDT retrospective, took place in Berlin, includes well-known and rarely seen works as well as the very informative texts by renowned authors can already be considered a reference work about Berlin photographer
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'Land's End' shows photos that were taken in Berlin between 1981 and 2014 and used for the 'Topography of Terror' website. Photographs by Joachim BROHM, Andreas GEHRKE, John GOSSAGE, Volker HEINZE, Kai-Olaf HESSE, Bettina LOCKEMANN and by Michael SCHMIDT.
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This catalog examined & showed Michael SCHMIDT's self-portraits for the first time. In addition, 'Landschaft - Waffenruhe - Selbst - Menschenbilder' (Landscape - Truce - Self - Images of People) deals with well-known and other less frequently shown series
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This photo book, 'Irgendwo', with black and white photographs is the result of a series of trips that Michael SCHMIDT undertook together with his wife in a caravan after the fall of the Wall in order to wrest a valid face from the German provinces.
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2nd print run, linen bound HC with dust jacket, 26,5 x 24,5 x 1,5 cm., 120 pp., b/w ills., text language: German (the insert with three columns of text 'Berlin-Wedding' by Thomas Weski is bilingual: German / English)
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'Natur', a series of German landscapes created between 1987 and 1997, shows the imagery of Michael SCHMIDT. A complex interplay of light and dark from an abundance of silver and gray tones makes the subjective perception of the observer more difficult.
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In this photo book 'Berlin nach 45', the photographer Michael SCHMIDT concentrated on open spaces, wasteland & provisional architectural arrangements and in this way created an impressive visual record of the changes in his hometown in the post-war period
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