About the French phootgrapher Grégoire PUJADE-LAURAINE

Grégoire PUJADE-LAURAINE is a photographic artist living in London, whose work has been exhibited in various European venues. 'The Significant Savages', his first book, was selected for 'The Photobook: A History. Vol.3' by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger. Until today the French photographer has published three photo volumes.

Photo books by Grégoire PUJADE-LAURAINE

'Significant Savages' (2011, his debut book); 'Perpetual Seaseon' (2014); 'Double Orbit' (2021)

This volume, 'Double Orbit' by Grégoire PUJADE-LAURAINE, shows the everyday urban environment. However, his pictures read in their composition like a set of tarot cards, they become open-ended allegories, whose meaning is only revealed in the combination.
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'A Perpetual Season' by Gregoire PUJADE-LAURAINE lays a trail through a dreamlike city, offering glimpses into a network of spaces that emerge as silent witnesses to a forgotten order. Recurring forms & confused people punctuate this with an elegiac tone.
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The photo volume 'The Significant Savages' by Gregoire PUJADE-LAURAINE contains an arbitrary selection of social network profile images that show alternative artifacts instead of people, e.g.: Forests; animals; bicycles, boats; cities, socks or galaxies.
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