The photo volume 'Choupette by Karl Lagerfeld' includes a selection of Polaroids that Karl LAGERFELD takes every day of his beloved cat and muse. This book is a loving and playful look into Choupette's gorgeous world.
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In French! 'Voir Paris' is conceived as a poetic, visual stroll that, based on photos by Eugène ATGET (with the edges left unchanged), leads through courtyards and rooms, alleys, cafes, urban gardens and along the banks of the Seine.
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Byung-Hun MIN's birds in 'Des Oiseaux' live in an ethereal space. They seem to be shrouded in a silvery light. The photographer's meticulous work allows him to render not only what he has seen, but also what he has perceived.
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Out-of-print book 'Broken Line' by Olaf Otto BECKER shows the beauty of untouched landscapes in a remote part of our earth. The photos refer to romantic landscape painting; at the same time they document the endangerment of glaciers in a warming climate.
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'Great Heart, Strong Hands' by Anne Helene GJELSTAD is about the life of women on Estonian islands of Kihnu and Manija, which are often seen as the last matriarchal society in Europe. She has found a way, which draws the viewer into their world and souls.
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In his out-of-print photo book 'Long Play', Arne REIMER looks back at the analog age: there are photographs of stacked vinyl records, views of record stores as well as record boxes. The whole is supplemented by archive material that shows the development.
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The volume 'Sasuke' includes emblematic photo series about the two cats of Masahisa FUKASE, Sasuke & Momoe. It combines unpublished images as well as photo icons, because his cats have already been the subject of several books. This is to be the last one.
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