About the Japanese photographer, Yoshinori MIZUTANI (*1987)

Yoshinori MiIZUTAN's work blends traditional Japanese (street) photography with Western conceptual photography. After graduating, in 2012 from Tokyo College of Photography, he won numerous prestigious awards and he was also selected as FOAM Talent and among Lens Culture Emerging Talents Top 50.

Phoot books by Yoshinori MIZUTANI

'Tokyo Parrots' (2014); 'Yusurika' (2015); 'Colors' (2015); 'Hanon' (2016); 'hdr-nature' (2018); 'Des Oiseaux' (2019); 'Sakura' (2021)

In 'Sakura', Yoshinori MIZUTANI attempts to visualize the movement of his observing eyes as well as distill the visual experience of meditating & wandering over the blossom tree. He shows that photography is also capable of capturing the passage of time.
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A figure of the younger Japanese photo scene, Yoshinori MIZUTANI, he examines the urbanity of his city Tokyo, documenting scenes bordering on the fantastic. His birds in 'Des Oiseaux' give the city back its secret.
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