The volume 'Chronicle' features photos by Sergiy LEBEDYNSKYY & Vladyslav KRASNOSHCHK taken in the Ukraine between 2010 and 2015. The scenes at the front-line Kharkiv, the revolutionary Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk regions determinated the future of Ukraine.
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'Negatives are Stored' by Vladyslav KRASNOSHCHOK is an object of a wooden box with 53 colored reproductions of cabinet portraits and business cards. The originals are from Kharkov, initially the photographer only wanted to save them from their destruction
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This long out-of-print self-published photographic volume 'Euromaidan' by Vladyslav KRASNOSHCHOK and Sergiy LEBEDINSKYY was completed during the Ukrainian revolution. It documents the dramatic events on Maidan Square in the Ukrainian capital Kiev in 2014.
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The volumes ‘The Path to Freedom' tell Ukraine's historical path of a struggle for freedom. They portray the important events from the 1st attempts at a revolution through its photographic language and look at photography's development during this period.
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