About the British photographer, George GEORGIOU (b. 1961, in London)

George GEORGIOU is a freelance British photographer who graduated in photography from the Polytechnic of Central London. His work has focussed on communities split between different cultures. After working for six years in Serbia, Greece and eastern Europe, he was recently based for four years in Istanbul. His early work was in b/w but for Fault Lines and subsequent work he moved to color. He has published three photo volumes, two of them self published.

Photo books by George GEORGIOU

'Fault Lines' (2010, his debut book); 'Last Stop' (2015); 'Americans Parade' (2019)

The 'Americans Parade' by George GEORGIOU shows parades in the USA. One by one, from one community to the next, a picture builds up in 2016, the year Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, the division of America was never visible before
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Self published photo book 'Last stop' by George GEORGIOU is designed as a fanfold, housed in a slipcase. The color photographs were taken from the top decks of buses traveling throughout London, making the subjects and people photographed 'from above'.
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