About the German photographer, Dirk GEBHARDT (born in Cologne).

Dirk GEBHARDT studied graphic design in Amsterdam and photography at the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund. Since 1999 he has worked as a freelance photographer for Stern, Spiegel, Time Magazine, El Pais and Unicef; he is a member of the photo agency laif, Cologne. Since 2011 he has been teaching photojournalism at the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund.
His portraits, travel and social reportages have received many awards, including the 'Otto Steinert Prize' of the DGPh. In addition to exhibitions in Germany, his work has been exhibited in Spain, France, Bulgaria, the USA and the Netherlands. His social reportage 'Quer durch Deutschland' (Across Germany) also received much attention: in the 25th year of German reunification, he hiked from the westernmost to the easternmost point of Germany. On his journey from Isenbruch to Neißeaue he portrayed the everyday life of the people living along the route.

Photo books by and with participation of Dirk GEBHARDT

'Santiago de Cuba, between tradition and modernity' (1997); 'Boo Chang Kang, photographs 1964-96' (1998); 'Lebensarten' (2003, together with works by Julia BAIER, Stefanie Becker, Anika Büssemeier, Petra Kohl, Frederic LEZMI, Ralf Meyer, Wolfgang MÜLLER, Ben Plefka, Birgit Rautenberg, Andreas Reeg, Isadora TAST as well as Anna Voswinckel); 'Mitten im Westen' (2009, together with works by Axel THÜNKER, Stefan WORRING, Wolfgang ZURBORN); 'Unter freiem Himmel' (2013); 'elf uhr elf' (2011, together with works by Ute BEHREND, Theodor BARTH, Thekla EHLING, Matthias JUNG, David KLAMMER, Frederic LEZMI, Nadine PREIß and Wolfgang ZURBORN); 'Cuba - 90 Jahre Fidel Castro / 90 años fidel. Un recuerdo de cuba' (2016); 'Quer durch Deutschland' (2017); 'Play Life. Neighbors in the Western Balkans' (2019); 'Simulation City' (2022)

Open spined HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 17 x 23 x 2 cm., 166 pp., 75 color ills., trilingual text: Spanish / German / English, Ltd. to 250 copies
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The Cologne Carnival in photo works by German photographers Theodor BARTH, Ute BEHREND, Thekla EHLING, Dirk GEBHARDT, Matthias JUNG, David KLAMMER, Frederic LEZMI, Nadine PREISS and Wolfgang ZURBORN.
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'Simulation City' with photographs by Dirk GEBHARDT examines the phenomenon of Dubai. In his essay, Jason Carlow addresses the uncanny atmosphere of the spectacle, the spatial control, and the remarkable social and cultural intersections and adjacencies.
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The photographs in 'Play Life. Neighbors in the Western Balkans' by Dirk GEBHARDT show seemingly casual everyday situations, but what do the subtle symbols of the national mean in the streets of the capitals, Pristina, Belgrade, Skopje as well as Sarajevo
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For his 'Unter freiem Himmel' (Outdoors), Dirk GEBHARDT was on the road as a participant observer. With his children, their friends and playmates, he romped in parks and playgrounds for over ten years, observing the process of growing up with his camera.
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'Quer durch' by Dirk GEBHARDT is a 'social' reportage about the Conditio Humana at the beginning of the 21st century - photo book, road movie, social study as well as a travel guide through the middle of Germany and homage to the people met on the hike.
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