About the Icelandic photographer Rannveig EINARSDOTTIR

Rannveig EINARSDOTTIR is from Iceland and has lived in Berlin for many years. She studied social psychology at the LSE in London and has additional training as a mediator. After working as the director of an adult education institute, she decided to pursue her long-time interest in photography. She studied at the 'Neue Schule für Fotografie' in Berlin and attended courses there, e.g. with Gilberto Bosques (VHS Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg), to further her knowledge and competence.  Photography is now her main activity, her subjects and works are influenced by her studies as a social psychologist.

Photo books by Rannveig EINARSDOTTIR

  • 'Provisional Life' (2019)

Self published photo volume 'Provisional Life' by Icelandic photographer Rannveig EINARSDOTTIR is the result of a project about refugees living in German refugee homes. It comes as a arge format leporello with a (rather hidden) German/English text pages.
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