About the Italian photographer, Riccardo DOGANA (b.1983)

Riccardo DOGANA, self-taught, comes to photography in 2018 with '16/9 shots'. In 2020 with 'Wallpapers' he won the Refocus # 2 award organized by MUFOCO. In 2019 he started 'Panopticon' a work that is part of the monitor trilogy together with '16/9 shots'.

Photo books by Riccardo DOGANA

'Panopticon' (2021)

Strictly limited to 130 cps., 'Panopticon' by Riccardo DOGANA is a reflection of media content. Using selected topics from the last decade - emigration, climate change, wars, organized crime, terrorism - the truthfulness of the WorldWideWeb is questioned.
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