About the American photographer, Doris DERBY (*1939)

Doris DERBY is an American activist and documentary photographer. She was active in the Mississippi civil rights movement and her work explores issues of race and African American identity. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally. Doris DERBY lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Photo books by and about the work of Doris Derby

'Poetagraphy: Artistic Reflections of a Mississippi Lifeline in Words and Images: 1963-1972' (2019); 'A Civil Rights Journey' (2021)

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Doris DERBY has exhibited her photographs both locally and nationally. In 2009, her work was part of an exhibit, "Road to Freedom", at the High Museum in Atlanta, which explored the role of photography in the civil rights movement. In February, 2020, her work was included in an exhibition of civil rights art at the Turner Contemporary in London. The exhibition brought such works to the UK for the first time and includes sculptural assemblages, paintings and quilts by more than 20 African American artists from Alabama and surrounding states.