About the Greek photographer, Dimitra DEDE

Dimitra DEDE is a London based visual artist working mainly with photography. She studied photography and has a postgraduate diploma in New Media. In her artistic work she combines painting and the use of chemicals with photography. The creation of the images is based on an intuitive process. Her subject matter explores the connection between space and time, memory and displacement, loss and longing, life and the absurd. Her work has been presented in galleries and festivals both in Europe and America (Center for Art Photography - Fort Collins, Black Box Gallery-Portland, Fotobiennale Brighton, Les Rencontres d'Arles, Unseen Festival Amsterdam, etc.).

Photo books by Dimitra DEDE

'Mayflies' (2020, debut volume)

In a convincing artistic form, this photo book 'Mayflies' deals with the way the photographer feels about her own motherhood after losing her own mother. 'Mayflies' impresses with its special book design (by Joao LINNEU) and its excellent print quality.
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