About the Indian photographer, Arko DATTO

Already nominated for the Gomma Grant in 2016, Arko DATTO started in black and white before switching to color to create a 'more advanced, elaborate and visually solid body of work'. Although politically active, he currently prefers to work on linear existential things rather than themes that are repetitive. 'If the planet stops working, we all die, that's something that's more important to me right now'.

Photo books by Arko DATTO

'Will My Manneguin Be Home When I return' (2018); 'What News of the Snake that lost its Heart in the Fire' (2021)

In his out-of-print photo book 'Will my mannequin be home when I return' Indian photographer Arko DATTO explores here what it means to be in direct confrontation with the night. A project open to different levels of interpretation with fictional stories.
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