About Italian photographer and book designer Federico CARPANI (b.1986, in Bologna 1986)

After studying design in Barcelona and Rotterdam Federico CARPANI traveled extensively through Asia and collaborated for a couple of years with the collective Cesura. Also known for his brief career as a pizza baker in Berlin. He (self) published two photo volumes to date and made the book design for books by Peter FRASER ('Mathematics', 2017), Stefanie MOSHAMMER ('Land of Black Milk', 2017), Thomas SAUVIN & Kensuke Koike ('No More No Less', 2018), by John DIVOLA ('Chroma' 2020 and 'Scapes', 2022), by Daniel REUTER ('Providencia, 2020) as well as 'Grandissima Selezione - Fontanesi' (Skinnerboox, 2019).

Photo books by Federic CARPANI

  • 'Dark Indigo' (2012)
    'MAA' (2016)
    '1995 - 2002. Memory Game' (2017)

SC in japanese binding with many fold out pages, 21 x 28 cm., approx. 96 pp., color ills., no text
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The photo volume 'Scapes' by American John DIVOLA contains some of his renowned series like 'Four Landscapes', 'As Far As I Could Get' and 'Dogs chaising my car in the desert'. The books on these have long been out of print. The essay is by David Campany.
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'Mathematcis' by Peter FRASER contains an unusual photo series. The photographer took them in many countries and his motives could hardly be more different. Only the subject of mathematics, as the photographer understood, could bring these images together
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'Chroma' contains a photo series that originated in the early 1980s when John DIVOLA was looking for more stable material, such as the artificial, industrial cibachrome - very flawed for conventional images, but with properties that produced these images.
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