About the photographer and filmmaker Adrian CAMPEAN (b.1988, in Essen)

Adrian CAMPEAN starts his studies at the HFF Munich in 2009 in the field of camera. During his studies he tries his hand at documentary, feature film and commercials, as well as experimental film. In 2016, he goes to his father's homeland, Romania, and devotes himself more to photography again. He produces the illustrated book "...şi grădina numai ciment" ("...and the garden everything cement"). In 2018, he graduates from the HFF Munich. His no-budget film 'Frau Stern' won three awards at 'achtung berlin - new berlin film award'. For his documentary 'Out Of Place' won the award for best documentary at the 'First Steps Award 2019'. Currently Adrian CAMPEAN lives and works in Berlin.

Photo books by Adrian CAMPEAN

  • '...şi grădina numai ciment' (...and the garden all cement, 2020)

In out-of-print 'Und der Garten alles Beton', photographs by Adrian CAMPEAN meet poems by Dan Sociu, telling about the love of two Romanians coming from poverty. The images show roughness of the city, the dramaturgy drifts from the public into the private
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