About the Portuguese photographer, Rui CAMILO (b. in Lisboa)

Rui CAMILO grew up on his fathers farm in the Estrela Mountains in the north of Portugal later he moved to nearby Lisbon. After studying visual arts he spent several years as an Assistant and began his working life as a freelance photographer working both commercially and editorially, mixing commercial photography with photo journalism. His work has been awarded and exhibited in many countries. Since the mid-seventies Rui CAMILO is based in Wiesbaden where he still lives with his family.

Photo books by Rui CAMILO

'Trente-Trois Pichets Pastis' (2021)

'Trente-Trois Pichets Pastis' is a tribute to the artist Ed RUSCHA, whose artist books are among the most influential photo volumes. Rui CAMILO staged Pastis pichets - for connoisseurs of Ed RUSCHA's artist books as well as for the French Savoir Vivre.
25,00 € * Weight 0.2 kg
In his photo volume 'Common Ground', Rui CAMILO documents simple, often improvised goal constructions erected in a wide variety of places, even in remote areas, which reveal a lot about their geographical and social context through their varied design.
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Published in newspaper format, '40 Jahre laif. 40 Positionen dokumentarischer Fotografie' is both an exhibit and a catalog of the exhibition of the same name, which celebrates the anniversary of the German photographers agency from Cologne.
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