Damiani was founded in 2004 in Bologna. ides the projects concerning the unpublished activity by leading figures from photography world, Damiani also constitutes an observatory of the new generations of international artists and of social phenomena.

SC (no dust jacket, as issued), 23 x 29 x 1 cm., 40 pp., 22 color ills., 300 gr., no text
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In this out-of-print photo volume, 'Colors. The Polaroids', Dennis HOPPER documents gang graffiti in Los Angeles in the mid-80s. The photographs, reproduced in their original format, preserve that ephemeral kind of street art and communication method.
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In 'Architecture' continues Hiroshi SUGIMOTO's long-term research into the passage of time and history. Due to their blurring and lack of color, he reduces the buildings to the essentials and question the monuments of human inventiveness & industrial age.
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Photo book 'Dioramas' by Hiroshi SUGIMOTO tells a story about the cycle of life, death and rebirth. He achieves the lively effect of the scenes in the series that began with his move from Tokyo (1976) to New York until 2012 through an elaborate production
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re-edit 2017, HC with dust jacket, 26 x 31 x 2 cm., 104 pp., b/w ills., text language: English
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HC, 33 x 23 x 1,5 cm., 120 pp., 75 color ills., text language: English
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'Mediations' by Susan MEISELAS contains a selection of works from the 1970s until today. It traces her career since then and contains essays by renowned authors - published at the same time as the major retrospectives in Barcelona, Paris & San Francisco.
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 22,5 x 27,5 x 2 cm., 272 pp., color ills., text language: English
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The 'Hiroshi Sugimoto Collection' includes the five volumes from 2014 to 2019. Adopting different conceptual approaches and astounding aesthetic expedients, these series investigate his obsession though the photographic medium: the 'fossilization of time'
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Linen biound HC with tipped in photograph (no dust jacket, as issued), 25 x 18 x 2 cm., 160 pp., 100 color ills., small text in French / English
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